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Credit Business Services Global Limited (CBS Credit) Credit is globally recognised for its leadership in providing credit and business information services on Nigerian Companies through an extensive operational network, combining global standards with local business awareness and understanding.

Our reputation for integrity and credibility rest on several significant pillars – our local authority, the quality of our reports and perhaps most importantly, our tradition of impartiality necessitating global acceptance of our service standard.

We would be pleased to discuss with you the broader range of credit, business and financial information services offered by CBS Credit, providing coverage of Company Credit Report on Nigerian companies, Due Diligence Report for investment purpose and Business Viability Report on Nigerian projects requiring extensive funding from local and foreign channels.

  • What is Company Credit Report ? By Prof Chris Onalo

  • The Use of Company Credit Report in Business, Investment & Lending Decisions

The challenge of Nigerian marketplace:

What foreign investors and business players must know:

As the Nigerian economy becomes a reality, investors and business players around the world are presented with unprecedented opportunities in the country’s emerging economy. For many, these opportunities are not optional, but key to ensuring long-term growth in a competitive global marketplace.

New opportunities bring new risk. Political instability and violence and in recent time, insurgency, persists in many African states, including Nigeria. Legal and regulatory infrastructures are often inadequate or opaque and hybrid economic systems dominated by political patronage and corrupt business elites are common. Complexity is compounded by ever greater demands from pressure groups, NGOs and governments.

To assist foreign investors succeed in this environment, CBS Credit helps investors:
Evaluate Nigeria’s political risk, and structure business deal


Nigerian born Prof. Chris Onalo, a man of extreme integrity, is one of the most respected knowledge leaders and contributors in the development of credit management in this present world, founding CEO of many flourishing credit industry institutions, namely, the prestigious Nigerian Postgraduate School of Credit And Financial Management (PSCFM), The Institute of Credit Administration (ICA) which is Nigeria’s only national body for credit management and credit industry, Credit Business Services Global Ltd, Chris & Helen Ltd, and Credit Management Training Centre Ltd, Chris Onalo is also an international director of the UK’s premier London Postgraduate Credit Management College (LPCMC), a director of the highly regarded United Kingdom’s Nigerian London Business Forum (NILOBF), and CBS Credit UK Ltd. A holder of Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees and other professional qualifications in credit management, Prof. Chris Onalo has incredibly set himself apart from others through sheer hard and honest work; has undoubtedly contributed immensely and perhaps more than anyone else to the growth and development of credit management profession as well as credit industry globally.

Our assistance to foreign investors is simple:

We aim to help forward-looking foreign investors establish in Nigeria profitable, sustainable operations as quickly as possible, enabling them to seize opportunities where their competitors see only risks.

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