Business Report on Foreign Companies

Do you know who that foreign company is? Nigerians business community should be wise now in the way they respond to business offer or proposal from overseas companies and business persons. Business swindlers are not located only in a section of the world, but are found in every part of the world. You find them not only in black, but in all colours of human race.

If you have just received a business proposal letter or discussed a new business proposal, do a check on that foreign company quickly. Take nothing for granted. Don’t grope in the dark and don’t be in a hurry. Go beyond who the company has told you they are. Confirm their claims; confirm their business standing and reputation, get to know personalities behind such a company or who the investors are.

You may think you know them too well, yet there are things about them you have not known. Don’t rush into decision. Do a check on them.

If you ask CBS Credit to do the business check, you will find detailed information about them in our Business Report. Within 5-8 working days as we do on local companies, CBS Credit can get you the information you need on any company anywhere in the world.

If you fail to get a business report on the company, don’t complain to anybody that an overseas company or business person has duped you and unable to find them. Be wise now.

Identifying the correct opportunity at the right time with the best available local partner is clearly the key to Investment Success in Nigeria. In Nigerian emerging economy the requirement is critical. To achieve this consistently requires accurate business information that is correctly used in the decision-making process. This is the role that CBS Credit fulfils. Our expertise is multi-faceted:

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