Business Reputation Report

Yes, if your company is involved in business with foreign companies or is considering scouting for foreign business partners, they would like to know more about your credibility and history of business reputation.

Likewise, if your company receives expression of business interest from a foreign company or makes contact with foreign companies and would like to know more about them in order to make good business decision, then, it is wise that you have a Company Credit Report done on your company or request to have it done on the foreign company.

Whoever you decide to do business with, it shows transparency in corporate governance to request for Company Credit Report.

An impartial independent attestation to a company’s reputation, credibility and creditworthiness is regarded in business as far better than company’s own self projection and estimation.

Our analysis, which is placed in it wider commercial context, includes:

  • A Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats assessment of your company’s prospects and positioning.
  • An analysis of where the real seat of power lies; and if you like, we can connect you to where the power is.
  • An identification of key players, and an examination of their strengths, weakness and reputation.
  • An evaluation of investors perception of your company.