CBS Credit – UK Business Link

Your business credit and financial information company have explored the following opportunities in the U.K market for Nigerian businesses:

  • Link with determined U.K investors that are ready to invest in viable projects in Nigeria with full import content from the U.K. market. CBS Credit can facilitate the whole process, acting as a go-between.
  • Link with determined U.K private investors who are ready to take up equity investment in viable Nigerian projects and provide share management and technical assistance. CBS Credit will act as an intermediary between such project, the U.K. investors and the U.K. agency that backs the investment.
  • Link with big financial providers for capital and infrastructure projects whose costs range from U.S$20 million to U.S$ 200 million. Projects such as gas-fired power, cellular telecom, hydropower plant, private refinery, sugar plant, independent power project, foods and beverages plant, pharmaceutical plant are also covered. In all of these, CBS Credit Business Viability Report (BVR) is required on each project as a first and Company Credit Report, to follow later.
  • Link and arrange with reputable financial institutions which provide guarantee for already secured foreign loan as condition precedent under a very attractive terms and conditions.

More importantly, an impartial CBS Company Credit Report on a Nigerian company makes U.K banks, suppliers and guaranteeing agencies have confidence in the company’s ability to perform.