Credit Facility Review Report

If two people carry out separate studies on a subject, and both of them arrived at the same result, then credibility, reliability and authority is established.

CBS Credit Facility Review Report (CFRR) is an unbiased, professionally prepared report on an incapacitated borrower being considered for additional facility. There is wisdom in looking at certain category of the existing credit customers or borrowers whose credit positions, though currently bad, are worth looking into with a view to arranging additional guided facility to bring the customer’s business back on track.

As an established credit management consulting company which has worked with national and international institutions, CBS Credit’s independent opinion on rehabilitating a sincere sick borrower or credit customer is crucial to the overall success of such initiative. You can bank on the impartiality of our professional opinion. Whether it is on-shore or off-shore creditline that requires rehabilitation. CBS Credit’s CFRR is very important for your decision.

Rehabilitating existing (honest) delinquent customers no doubt cost less than when marketing to attract new customers.

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