Due Diligence Report (DDR)

As the biggest economy in Africa, (and 26th in the world) in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and populations of over 170 million, Nigeria offers a great investment climate and opportunities to investors from all spheres of life. Its re-emergent, though currently underperforming manufacturing sector, is the third largest on the continent, and produces a large proportion of goods and services for the West African region.

However, lucrative emerging markets do not always provide transparent business environment. Companies wishing to seize major opportunities in Nigeria’s emerging economy have to deal with unfamiliar and potentially hazardous business environment. In a country where the boundaries between business, politics and crime are blurred, structuring your business correctly with the right Nigerian local partner is imperative.

CBS Credit Due Diligence Report can help you establish the most effective local partnership or alliance. Where lawyers look at the words and accountants, examine the number, our investigators conduct in-depth research to uncover the truth behind the contracts and balance sheets. Our multi disciplinary team examines the business interests and commercial track records of potential local partners. We assess whether they have hidden agendas and whether they will still be reliable in time of political uncertainty. An investigation of a potential partner’s funding, corporate history, business associates and litigation record will minimize the risk of becoming responsible for hidden liabilities, or dealing with businesses which are in financial difficulties or are involved in illegal activities.