Our Commercial Debt Recovery Services

As a credit management professional service firm, providing on-demand Company Credit Report on companies which supports management’s decision in relation to doing business with another company, we also engage in COMMERCIAL DEBT RECOVERY SERVICES.

In our Debt Recovery Strategy Action, we employ different approaches including:

  • Professional approach
  • Conventional approach
  • Unorthodox approach, each of which depending on the nature, history and circumstance/condition of the debt.

Our service charge are structured as follows:
·Non-refundable commitment fee of N250,000.00 payable by client on approval of our service.
Collection Commission: Subject to negotiation with client based on volume and circumstance of the debt.

It’s strongly required of client to ensure that all debts passed to us for collection are genuine, legitimate and backed with appropriate documents.

We will not move out to engage debtor for debt recovery activity until client has given to us an Authority Letter, stating that we have been duly and legally appointed to recover debt owed to it.

Payment of Commission Due:
Payment of Commission is due on any part or full amount recovered or collected once we have submitted our invoice. We expect to receive payment within seven (7) days from the date of the invoice.

Clean Debt:
Client must ensure that trade debt passed to us for collection is devoid of avoidable controversy; it’s genuinely an outstanding debt, and it’s backed with appropriate documentations.

· To recover the debt
· To send to client monthly Collection ProgressReport (CPR)


I. Knowledge and expertise- we maintain a competent team of trained and experienced credit management and financial analysis professionals.
II. The Integrity of our CCR report which enhances management decision making is our pride.
III. Cost Effectiveness. You pay less for a high quality CCR report.
IV. Independent and unbiased- we present our report exactly the way things are, untainted by any form of bias or influence.
V. We have very good track record having satisfactorily rendered and still rendering same service to very credible institution such as Siemens Nigeria. – now Siemens Energy Limited.
VI. Institution of sound credit management culture and financial analysis practices in line with international best practices.

Please note: We are not a credit bureau organization; we are not a credit rating either. We are an independent provider of a comprehensive information that supports business, investment, trading, and lending decisions.
We would be pleased to discuss further with you the broader range of credit and business information services offered by CBS Credit, providing coverage of Company Credit Report on Nigerian company, Due Diligence Report for investment purposes and Business Viability Report on Nigerian projects requiring extensive funding from local and foreign channels, and strategic commercial debt recovery to blue-chip companies and multinationals.