Hello Credit Risk Managers

It’s time to modify your Credit policy initiative!

This is against the need to diversify your bank growth base via credit extension to the massive but carefully selected SME market. But then, can you do this without radically modifying your present credit procedures?

The emphasis on effective credit portfolio management now is about strategic partnership. You need to work with credible independent Credit Information Referencing organization. That’s CBS Credit whose Company Credit Report on prospective borrower or credit seeker is quite in-depth, insightful, objective and supportive of credit decisions. You need it! You need it!!!.

Successful credit risk management lies in the adequacy and reliability of credit information gathered. But information gathering is a serious, rigorous and time-consuming necessary exercise. Only independent credit and business information organisation like Credit Business Services Global Ltd (CBS Credit) can do it. We are current with credit trends; we have the exclusive expertise in credit management; and we belong to world famous body of finance, credit and international business where we update and acquaint ourselves with how best to analyse and appraise the behaviour, character, and other trends typical of nowadays credit customers.

CBS Credit is designed to be your partner in effective management of your employer’s credit risk portfolio. Use us! Send us to get your fresh information on your prospective credit or borrowing customers. Ask of our opinion about them and add it up to what you already have on them; and this will lead you to a decision founded upon solid information. With CBS Credit, you can be sure for doing your job well- Credit Management.

Our e-mail is: [email protected]