Legal Action Support Report

The high cost of litigation in Nigeria suggests that parties contemplating litigation should arm themselves with maximum information in the decision-making process, including the availability, credibility and backgrounds of factual or expert witnesses.

In addition, an assessment as to the availability of assets against which a favourable judgment could be enforced is an increasingly important feature in the pre-litigation process.

  • CBS Credit offers three services in these important areas: – factual research, which includes the gathering of information to verify or disprove claims.
  • The identification and location of potential witnesses and initial contact with such individuals outside the formality of interviews with mainstream advisers.
  • Litigation intelligence: the gathering of information that may assist the client in the discovery process or help the client understand the financial aims and capability of the opposing party.

‘As Nigerian market opens up, both foreign and local investors rely on firm like CBS Credit to probe potential markets for possible problems’