Market Intelligence Report

CBS Credit Market Intelligence Report (MIRE) illuminates the rocky market waters faced by your customers before they could cause you to founder on them.

You are free to manage your customers’ market trend, instead of reacting to it. You are also free to choose how to navigate the customers’ difficult path between opportunity and risk – in the light of events, instead of after the fact. MIRE will focus on potential hazards like current customer reputation, business trend, market spread and market share for the last 3 months, indebtedness to other banks and allied organization, negative reports about your customer by his customers or suppliers and creditors; information on suppliers and distribution network and other specific information.

You decide which accounts to go under the spotlight and which critical events you want highlighted.

CBS Credit’s MIRE may be commissioned by an interest business organization on a quarterly or bi-annually basis and the number of customers to be covered during the period is at the discretion of the client.

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Prof. Chris Onalo, FICA
Executive Chairman, CBS Credit
(the Professor of credit management)