Sourcing Foreign Loan For Viable Nigerian Projects

From Private Commercial Sources to either resuscitate Ailing Firms, Increase capacity utilization, Prosecute Expansion Programme, Or Embark on New Viable Projects with Growth Potential, Is another of CBS Credit’s Core Business.

If you have a good project requiring international financing under attractive terms and conditions, there can be no better place than CBS Credit, Nigeria’s foremost business credit and financial information and credit consulting company.

We have the global network and clout to source loans and equity funds ranging from U.S$1 million to U.S$200 million with repayment period of 5-25 years under a very low interest rate. There is also a third party-party guarantee arrangement for the loan in your favour for a fee by a first class foreign loan guarantee organization so that there will be no question of you passing through the difficulty of getting a local body to guarantee the loan for you.

As a first step and separately too, CBS Credit must do an extensive Business Viability Report (BVR) on your project for which you need funding, using globally recognized project viability parameter adopted by the fund owners, their financial brokers/consultant and institutions that provide guarantee covers.

If you believe in your projects and have good stake in it, come to us now, CBS Credit can help you

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