Sourcing On-Lending Creditline for Banks

As Nigeria’s premier business credit and financial information firm and strong arranger in global financial markets, CBS Credit has overwhelming capability to assist Nigerian banks in accessing 3-15 years less stringent revolving lines of credit from reputable lending institutions around the world through our considerable network of credit and financial contacts. No organization in Nigeria parades such contacts CBS Credit.

In recent time, Nigerian banks in facing the reality of the country’s new market economy have been involved in every facet of development in Nigeria and are now taking leading roles in exploring every opportunity to arrange off-shore financing for various projects in manufacturing, small and medium scale enterprises, mining, healthcare, infrastructure, power, telecommunications, oil and gas, energy and other projects which are critical to the development of Nigerian state. Their resources are however inadequate for the many worthwhile projects requiring urgent financial support. Accordingly, many banks in the country are seeking CBS Credit assistance in sourcing dollar denominated revolving lines of credit for such projects either in form of a global line or project-specific investment.

CBS Credit will be pleased to furnish any interested foreign lending institution on request with credit report details on some of these banks and their projects that require financing.

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