Status Report

A must for serious banks!
What are you doing about your problem debt portfolio?
To determine whether or not you have a good chance of recovering them, call in for independent Status Report

CBS Credit is a well established credit management consulting partners. Our competence cuts across the broad spectrum of credit management frontiers.

Have you not yet realised that you are probably chasing bad money with good money? You are also probably getting fed up- with the same type of progress report on the same bad debt situation. Completely in between the thoughts of either to give up the recovery effort or keep on keeping on our advice? You need a clearer picture on those accounts based on independent report.

CBS Credit Report effectively provides detailed evaluation of the problem debt or portfolio, designed to produce a realistic estimate of collectability and setting out recommended courses of action. The report also go further to include asset and guarantor tracing, verification and assessment. CBS Credit is better equipped to do this!