Structuring a Business Deal in Nigeria

The problems need not be a deterrent to successful investment. In nearly all cases, investment can be designed to minimise the risk. This requires detailed investigation of the key players’ track records, hidden liabilities, connections and vested business interests. Selection of the right professional advisers and financiers can also be critical. In absence of reliable corporate records, our multi-descplinary team of analysts gather this information confidentially through a wide network of contacts combined with thorough understanding of our industries and markets with the wider local context.

Investments in emerging Nigeria economy too often fail because the degree of political or criminal interference is intolerable and when foreign investors become embroiled in complex power structures which they failed to foresee.

CBS Credit analysts then evaluate and prioritise the key information necessary for strategic decision-making. This helps management team reduce development costs and structure the investment to avoid the worst effects of political patronage, corruption, crime and local malpractice. Moreover, it increases the chances of sustainable profit.