Company Credit Report
On Nigerian Company

Information is the strength of international business. If you are too much in a hurry to succeed in overseas business, you will certainly have plenty of avoidable burn-outs.

Not all business partners that sounds good are really good. There is a common sense to use…request for a Company Credit Report (CCR) on the company. CBS Credit can do it for you; within 8 working days the report will be right on your table to guide your decision.

CCR tells you who they are, are they legitimate? What is their track records in the industry, are all that they have told you about themselves correct? What is their status at the Corporate Affairs Commission? Who are the legal directors of the company? Who are the management team of the company and their pedigrees? Are they financially sound? among others.

Correct business decision is derived from a sound and robust information you have gathered; just as information still remained the source of development.

If there is a company in Nigeria that you are considering to do business with or with whom you are already doing business, get a COMPANY CREDIT REPORT on them fast.

Place your CCR request with CBS Credit, which is Credit Business Services Global Ltd. Our email is [email protected]

They May Not Be
As They Claims

Do You Have A Big Debt Collection Case in Nigeria?

The right place you can come to if you have a big debt collection case in Nigeria is CBS Credit. We are feared, we are respected when it comes to the recovery of debts owed by Nigerian company to their foreign business partner.

If any company is owing you big money arising from business transaction, give us the power of attorney… CBS Credit will recover the debt for you.

As a credit management consulting specialist, our company (Credit Business Services Global Ltd) which is CBS Credit is more than capable to intervene subject to our commercial terms and conditions.

If you have any debt recovery case in Nigeria email us now[email protected]

Foreign Investors
Investing In Nigeria

If you want to invest in any project, in any sector of Nigeria’s economy, ranging from $500,000 to $200million or above, you need to ask for assistance from CBS Credit.

CBS Credit can assist you in:
- Authenticating some of the project information you have received
- Do a proper and professional Company Credit Report (CCR) on the company from whom you got the proposal. CCR will tell you impartially who they are and how their integrity and reputation stands.
- Checking independently the healthiness of the bank with whom you intend to keep your money for the project you are investing in.

Credit Business Services Global Limited (CBS Credit) is there to serve you. Tell us how you want us to assist you [email protected]

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